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Smoking Pipe Wood Pipe Stash Box Kit Herb Grinder Pipe Screens Stone Pipe Metal

Smoking Pipe Wood Pipe Stash Box Kit Herb Grinder Pipe Screens Stone Pipe Metal

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Complete Pipe Storage Stash Treasure Chest
The Chest, Pipe and Herb Weed Grinder have our Unique Torch Wood Finish that is completed with a Food Grade Mineral Oil and Natural Bee's Wax Finish.

Smoking Kit Contains the Following:

1 Torch Wood Finished Treasure Storage Stash Chest 5"L x 3.5"D x 3.5"H.  Brass Finished Hardware and nails.

1 Torch Wood Finished Smoking Pipe 3"L x 1"W  with Metal Bowl Insert for longer Pipe Life.

1 Torch Wood Finished Tobacco Herb Weed Grinder 2"W x 1" Deep. Grinder has Metal Teeth to prevent wear and to ensure a perfect easy grind every time. High capacity Grinder.  Pack one side full, turn 2-3 times and then repack both sides and grind away.

5 each 1/2" High Quality Steel Pipe Screens

5 each Bristled Pipe Cleaners. These Pipe Cleaners scrub the pipe stem while absorbing the resins getting your pipe sparkling clean.

The normal value of this kit if purchased separately is $58.47.

The Torch Finish is KB Trading Post's Signature Finish.  The Torch Finish brings out the woods rich deep grains and highlights the Natural Beauty of the Wood.  Each Kit will vary in grain and color due to the natural variations in every piece of wood used.  The picture represents the items and style that you will receive but keep in mind that the torch finish will be lighter and darker in various pieces due to the graining. 

We also can Customize your Treasure Chest Smoking Kit.  Message us with the color you would like and we will coordinate and color the Chest, Pipe and Grinder in the color you request. Please limit your requests to normal colors such as: White Blue Red Orange Brown Black Green Yellow Purple Silver etc.  Nothing to complex so we do not disappoint you with your color choice.  Please allow 3-5 days time before we ship on any special orders.  Torched Wood Finish always Ships same or Next Day.
Quick Ships in the United States.

***Must be 18+ to Purchase*****
***For Tobacco Use Only***
***Not Intended for Illegal Use***

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